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asphalt broker
asphalt broker

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Rooker Asphalt is strategically aligned with refineries and terminals across the southwest, providing pavers with a variety of sources and competitive pricing as well as freight advantages to specific locations.


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Liquid Asphalt Brokers to the Paving Industry

Rooker Asphalt Company has provided highway general contractors with their liquid asphalt needs for over 25 years. The company’s headquarter is in Dallas, TX and was formed by David Rooker in 1984. Since that time, Rooker Asphalt has provided customers with competitive pricing and timely delivery of products throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Rooker Asphalt markets and sells all liquid asphalt products such as PG asphalts, emulsions, cutbacks, and modified asphalt cements.
Rooker Asphalt provides a unique service in the industry by allowing general contractors one place to find all of their asphalt needs at competitive pricing. In addition to competitive pricing, Rooker Asphalt is strategically positioned to offer attractive terms and financing options for their customers. With one place to purchase all liquid asphalt needs, customers have the ability to focus on what they do best, build roads, instead of searching many refineries and asphalt plants for the best pricing options.

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"We've done business with Rooker Asphalt for many years. Their competitive pricing and service have been instrumental in our success and growth as a company."

Robert Hall
R.K. Hall Construction

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